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Ski and Snowboard Tuning

'tis the Season to GLide

We offer world class ski and snowboard tuning, in Boulder, Colorado to keep your gear in great shape all season. Our team is experienced and can help you whether your gear is new or old. We have different levels of service to match your needs and offer various options like hot waxing, stone grinding, and DPS Phantom Glide Tunes. Our team uses quality machines and handwork to ensure your equipment is perfect. Bring your skiing or snowboarding gear to our Boulder shop and let us help you choose a service that will make your experience on the slopes even better.

Tuning Services Available


Hand Wax – $40

This service includes a base cleaning, followed by your choice of cold, warm, hot, or half and half (cocktail) wax. The wax will be applied by an iron, which will then be scraped and buffed to perfection. Instead of paying the same amount of money at another ski establishment for a belt wax that lasts for 1-3 ski days, a hand wax will last 3-5 weeks. This gives you more bang for your buck.


Phantom Glide Application – New Equipment $150, Used Equipment $199

PHANTOM Glide is a permanent, high-performance base treatment for skis and snowboards that increases hydrophobicity and improves glide performance across a variety of snow conditions. PHANTOM Glide is not wax. PHANTOM Glide differs from traditional wax because wax is not permanent. Wax is a temporary glide solution that functions only by coating the top layer of your base. After just a few runs, traditional wax wears off and glide performance diminishes.


Edge Service – Snowboards $30, Skis & Splitboards $35

This service includes base cleaning, edge sharpening, and edge beveling. You can choose to bevel your edges between 85º, 86º, 87º, 88º, 89º, and 90º. You can also choose to de-tune your skis or snowboard if you wish to have easier and more gradual carves, rather than more aggressive and immediate carves


Hand Wax and Edge Service – Snowboards $55, Skis & Splitboards $60

A combination service for the best shredding experience. After a thorough hand wax and sharpening, you will glide and carve across the mountain snow with ease.


Base Repair – Starting at $15

This service comes in handy when there’s one or more nasty core shots in your skis or snowboard. Clear or black P-tex is used to fill in those damaged areas, followed by the base being filed and leveled. This will yield mountain-ready skis and snowboards.


Core Shot, Hand Wax, and Edge Service – Snowboards $65, Skis & Splitboards $70

A triple-threat of the best services we have to offer. A thorough base repair, hand wax, and edge service will make your snow equipment as good as new.

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