Frequently Asked Questions

Am I Guaranteed to have the bike I reserved?

House of Motorrad reserves the right to substitute the motorcycle confirmed to rental Client. Unfortunately, at times, certain unexpected and uncontrollable situations arise which may require the substitution of a motorcycle.  This includes, but is not limited to, delay in manufacture fleet delivery, mechanical failure, collision damage and theft.   Should House of Motorrad not be able to provide the confirmed motorcycle, a similar or better model will be provided to the Client if at all possible. This constitutes the maximum liability of House of Motorrad.

What happens if I damage a motorcycle?

Your security deposit will be captured and the bike will be thoroughly examined to assess any safety risks/damages.  During the time that the motorcycle is being examined and repaired your security deposit will be held to cover the costs of labor @ $95/hour, parts and lost rental fees while the motorcycle is out of the rental fleet.  You will be responsible for all costs up to the $1500 security deposit/insurance deductible.  You are not entitled to, nor will we give you any of the damaged parts.  However, you may be able to file a claim with your own insurance company to cover some of your costs.  It is unlikely that any of the security deposit will be refunded due to the intensive safety inspection process after all damages, but in some rare instances we will return a portion of the deposit if it is not required to cover the costs incurred to House of Motorrad as a result of the damages.

What is considered damage to a motorcycle?

Any portion or part of the motorcycle or its accessories that are scratched, cracked, bent, broken, dented, or missing will be repaired or replaced at House of Motorrad’s sole discretion, and the funds will be retained from the damage deposit to cover any costs associated with the repair or replacement.  If you drop it or crash it we will charge you to fix the damage.

Do you rent motorcycle riding gear?

Yes! We rent helmets for $5/day, mesh and waterproof gloves for $5/day, armored jackets for $5/day, and armored pants for $5/day.

Do you rent GPS units?

Yes, we do. We rent the Garmin Zumo 590/390 and BMW Navigator units for $10.00/day. If you have your own GPS, you are welcome to use our mount, but our mount cannot be removed from the bikes.

Can you provide parking?

Yes, we have a giant parking lot to accommodate your vehicle during your rental.

What are your delivery rates?

We do not deliver rental motorcycles.

If I fly in to Denver International Airport, how do I get to your shop?

1.)  Green Ride Boulder Shuttle
– Drops you off at our shop, $30

2.) RTD SkyRide Public Transit Bus
– Choose Westbound route to Table Mesa Park-n-Ride in Boulder, $13
– Grab a taxi to our shop from there (4 miles)

Do your motorcycles have much storage?

Our motorcycles are able to have a full set of luggage, including a dry bag and tank bag.

Does the motorcycle rental fee include insurance?

No, the mandatory insurance, $15/day, is not included in the motorcycle rental fee. The fee will be added to your final bill, due at pickup.

What do I need to reserve a motorcycle?

You will need to pay a deposit, $50 per motorcycle, per day of rental requested, at the time of reservation. This is refundable unless the rental request is cancelled within 7 days prior to the rental period, at which time your deposit is forfeit. Cancellation within 30 days of your reservation forfeits 50% of the deposit.

How long is the minimum rental period?

Rentals and insurance are based on a 24 hour day. The minimum rental is 24 hours, but we can pick it up early in some circumstances.

Can I take the motorcycles out of Colorado?

Of course! You should go where the road takes you!

Can you give me some tips about where to go?

Yes, we can. Not only can you follow your route on the GPS we make available to rent, we have Butler Motorcycle Maps available to buy as well as maps you can upload to the GPS if you’d rather have a plan of where to go. Whether you go for one day or three weeks, we are happy to customize a motorcycle tour for you.

We also offer Guided Tours! Contact us for more details!

What happens if the motorcycle breaks down?

If the motorcycle breaks down due to a mechanical failure not caused by the renter then we will arrange to have the bike picked up and replaced if possible.  You can choose to add a SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger to your rental, $5/day, which provides each rider with access to 24-hour roadside assistance, even if you are out of cell service range (fees apply).  We also rent tire repair kits with travel compressors, as well as sell inner tubes in the case of flat tires and tool kits are provided upon request.  We can also contact towing services if these are not sufficient to get your out of your situation (fees apply).

Do you supply locks?

We do not need to because all of our motorcycles come with a steering wheel locking position as well as a computer chip protected key system.

Do you give discounts?

Yes, because we like to reward our riders!
Tour operator — 10% off
Return Renter — 5% off each consecutive visit up to 40% off
Referral — 10% off your next rental (email notification)
Military — 10% off

Is there an extra charge if I have a passenger?

Of course not! We want you to be able to share your adventure with no concern on cost.

What types of payments do you accept?

We prefer cash, but we accept all major credit cards and Paypal as well.

How old do I have to be?

You have to be at least 21 years of age, with a valid motorcycle license.

Do you provide guided tours?

Yes, see the tours and training section of the website.

Where can I find out about current Colorado road conditions?

The Colorado Department of Transportation provides up-to-date highway road conditions. Visit

What should I expect for weather?

For the most current and up to date weather forecasts, visit The National Weather Service website.

Where can I can I find more information about traveling in Colorado?

Check out the website, found also on our Resources & Links page.