About the Riders

849986-R1-23ABen Kriederman
Founder of the House of Motorrad

The creation of the House of Motorrad was the idea for adventuring south. It was a way to make this dream expedition a reality. Starting a business that existed mainly in the summer months in Colorado has enabled me to have most of the winter free and to put this amazing adventure into motion. It started with a desire to ride motorcycles and has turned into a way of life. The trip is really the culmination of all the success that we have seen thanks to our amazing customers in our first year! Traveling for me, has always been about the destination and for the first time in my life this trip isn’t about that, it’s about the journey. It’s about all the people and places that will fill our lives as we ride our motorcycles to the END of the road!

DSC01208Ken Kriederman
Winter Manager, House of Motorrad

A full time resident of Arizona, Ken handles the business for House of Motorrad during the winter months. He will be making his first trip into the southern hemisphere on this voyage. His knowledge and experience will most likely get us to the end of the road in one piece!